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Wednesday, August 05, 2020
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A little about
Knightdale UMC

Knightdale UMC Preschool offers a quality Christ-centered play-based curriculum in a safe and nurturing environment for children ages 1 year through Junior K.

Learning Through Play
Children learn naturally through play experiences — either self directed, peer directed or adult guided —children who are provided extended time for exploration and play will gain critical thinking necessary to meet and surpass developmental milestones.

A play-based model is a thoughtfully planned environment that allows for the teachers to seek out and find what interests the children and what strengths the children are showing, then building on these interests and strengths to assist children in making the best possible choices each day.

Children who are given more opportunities to learn through play in the early years are better able to navigate social and emotional issues that arise later in elementary school and hence, are better able to learn and concentrate. Self-directed play leads to self-harmony, which leads to a higher ability to learn and retain knowledge.



Mission Statement
At Knightdale UMC Preschool we believe that children learn best through play. Our goal is to provide an environment for children to experience the joy of learning. We are aware that learning is most meaningful when children are able to follow their own ideas and are supported by an adult who can enable their learning by respecting, understanding and allowing children empowerment over their environment. Working with the families we serve, our staff nurtures the cognitive, social/emotional, physical, and spiritual milestones in each child’s development.
Music and Art
At Knightdale children are provided a wide variety of materials to explore. The process of all creative experiences is the goal rather than the finished product. Children sing and dance with joy throughout each day.
Math and Science
We learn math through real life experience - from measuring and sorting to finding patterns and meaning in our natural world. Children develop skills for caring and nurturing the earth's creatures by caring for classroom pets and observing the native birds, squirrels and insects that make home in our Outdoor classroom.
Literacy Development
Children begin a rich literacy development by using their own words in telling daily news and stories that are scribed by teachers. The children then act out their stories and learn problem solving through dramatic play. We encourage parents/guardians to come and join us for reading to each child individually and in groups.
Motor Development
Opportunities abound for running, climbing, crawling and pedaling, as children's bodies grow stronger. Little hands squeeze and pinch dough, string beads, explore writing, drawing, and painting as we continually develop the skills needed to become writers in elementary school.



Creating a
Partnering with Parents
Communication between staff and family is essential for a close working partnership. We welcome parents to participate in every aspect of the child’s day and we encourage you to come by and visit at any time. Casual conversations, daily notes between teachers and families will enhance this partnership. We also encourage communication through e-mail.


Flexible Schedules for Everyone Early Birds – 8am-9am daily

Enrichment – 12:00-1:00 (offered to the children in our Early Preschool and Preschool Classes-Children can sign up to stay an extra hour. During that hour they will enjoy a healthy lunch from home along with activities that will enhance the curriculum being taught.)




How to Enroll
Come visit us at the school and see how we can learn and have fun with your family!
To set up a tour, please call the office at  919-266-2373.

Click here for the current registration forms, or ask us in person at your tour!

They can be mailed to:

Knightdale UMC Preschool

7071 Forrestville Rd
Knightdale, NC 27545

or faxed to 919-217-1009.