Knightdale United Methodist
Wednesday, July 24, 2024


KUMC in its Safe Sanctuary Policy vows to take seriously the importance of providing a safe environment where all people can participate freely and safely in the life of the church.  It is our intention to maintain a sanctuary or "safe place" for all to grow in faith and maturity.

In order to fulfill those objectives, the church participates fully in the Safe Sanctuary Program initiated by the United Methodist Church.  Anyone wishing to volunteer in KUMC Children's Programs, Ignite Youth Ministry, or the Children's Music Program will be required to complete a background check and meet specific guidelines as outlined by the policy. 

Facility Emergency Information

INCLEMENT WEATHER:  In case of inclement weather, please tune to local news station,WRAL, WTVD, or check our home page for updates on church and office closings and activity cancellations. 

SEVERE WEATHER EMERGENCY:  In the unlikely event of a severe weather emergency, follow the instructions of the ushers who will direct you to the safest areas of the building away from windows and doors.  You should remain calm, and wait for the all clear before returning to the main part of the building. 

FIRE EVACUATION INSTRUCTIONS:  Our facility has numerous exterior doors, including one in almost every classroom.  In case of fire, calmly exit the nearest unobstructed door and move to the far end of the parking area. 

FACILITY DIAGRAM:  Link here for a detailed diagram of our facility layout. 

TRAINED EMERGENCY RESPONSE PERSONNEL:  Link here for a list of trained emergency response personnel within our congregation.